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Ladies of Wealth are on a mission to Build Wealth That Changes Lives (tm). This podcast empowers you to dump debt, build wealth, and prosper! More money, less stress! Join us as we journey to elevate our lives in all 5 areas of abundance: Health, Wealth, Spiritual Growth, and Self Expression.  

Jan 21, 2023

Have you ever stopped to question why you love the things you love?

Some things are just genetic: I like salty stuff and my little one doesn’t. He likes sweet stuff and I’d rather have chips or lasagna.

Some things are learned: such as the way we resolve conflict or how we drive aggressively.

And then there’s things that become deeply rooted in us emotionally for no apparent reason except that they did.

Like your sports team!

Whether you are a Steelers Fan (winningest record in the league though they haven’t made it to a Big Game in awhile), or you torture yourself with being a Cardinals fan (the losingest team in the NFL), there’s a reason you care for them.


Let’s explore this and then let’s apply it to other areas of our lives – so we can really challenge those affinities that might be holding us back (hey Cardinals fans, I love you!)