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It's never too late to change your life!

Building Wealth Together empowers you to walk in all 5 areas of abundance: Health, Wealth, Spiritual Growth, and Self Expression.  JJ Conway is dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve desired goals and improve their lives with education, ethics, and accountability. JJ offers financial, investment, and entrepreneurial education and provides access to thought leaders in the other areas of abundance.

Sep 26, 2020

I would have been debt free faster if I wasn’t an entitled whiney princess. Yep, I admit it! Let’s talk about that along with why car leases are really care FLEECES, Celebrate someone who’s knocked out over $150K of debt in just 7 months, and learn how coaches, mentors, and advocates can help you succeed in business and at life!


Learn more about taking your life to the next level, and how to overcome princess syndrome, at and