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Ladies of Wealth are on a mission to Build Wealth That Changes Lives (tm). This podcast empowers you to dump debt, build wealth, and prosper! More money, less stress! Join us as we journey to elevate our lives in all 5 areas of abundance: Health, Wealth, Spiritual Growth, and Self Expression.  

Sep 17, 2022

Maya Angelou once said that people will forget what you said and what you did, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel and I tell you what: If I wasn’t so close to making A-list on Southwest (and if I didn’t hear about so many complaints about the other big airline in my market) I would probably stop flying them after the blatant discrimination experienced on their flights this past weekend.

Many of you know I went to FinCon (AMAZING) and then flew out to see Les Brown at Jon Talarico’s Breakthrough event - INSPIRING to meet my mentors in person! It’s been a fun summer flying from place to place but the airline I used to love has really suffered from personnel shortages and a lack of schedule reliability. Let me tell you what happened, and how I, if I were training the flight attendants, would have trained my staff to handle the situation.

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