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It's never too late to change your life!

Building Wealth Together empowers you to walk in all 5 areas of abundance: Health, Wealth, Spiritual Growth, and Self Expression.  JJ Conway is dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve desired goals and improve their lives with education, ethics, and accountability. JJ offers financial, investment, and entrepreneurial education and provides access to thought leaders in the other areas of abundance.

Dec 27, 2021

Greg Brinkley is an Elite Executive Coach, author, motivational/inspirational speaker, leadership consultant, and CEO of Greg Brinkley Enterprises. He is known as the “Government Game-Changer” and America’s #1 Coach for Black government professionals.

In his recent book, Un-Civil-ized, Greg Brinkley unpacks...

Dec 1, 2021

Giving Tuesday: How Can I Give When I’m Broke? JJ breaks it down, gives some suggestions and some free offers that result in the companies giving, and then encourages you to do something today that your future self will thank you for!

Get the FREE offers JJ referenced here: and use code...

Aug 23, 2021

You’ve been working so hard! Now you’re exhausted and frustrated, and you wonder if all this effort will ever pay off. JJ breaks down the REAL reason you’re not getting ahead. Hint: it’s not about working harder, and it’s not about chance or luck. There are very specific strategies you can put into place TODAY...

Aug 21, 2021

JJ hosts a very special teen that talks about the struggles of being in high school. How well do you know what your kids are thinking, feeling, and struggling with?? You might be surprised what this young man has to say (JJ sure was!). You can visit PhillyBob’s YouTube channel here:

Aug 19, 2021

JJ tackles some difficult questions regarding marriage and disability and losing Medicaid. She also talks about creative ways to buy property and offers a HUGE apology for being hard to get to! JJ also talks about her affiliate program which you can learn more about here: