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May 14, 2020

Some businesses are thriving right now. Others are barely keeping afloat.  And others are completely shut down.  If your business has slowed down, I want to encourage you that this won’t last always.  Eventually the restrictions will react.  We don’t know when, so I recommend conserving as much cash savings as possible, but in the meantime, NOW is the time to get familiar with tools and techniques that will help prepare you and your business to handle the large amount of customers that will flood the marketplace when the restrictions ease. 

For example, if you haven’t created an online course, but you’re interested in this exceptional way to impact more people with less work, then you might sign up for a free account on Teachable

Or, perhaps now is the time to practice cold-calling to introduce yourself to new clients and reach out to old clients.  Or apply for a grant  (or tag on to someone else’s grant).

Also mentioned in today's podcast is a coaching/counseling platform called Vectera which you can find at

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