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Building Wealth Together empowers you to walk in all 5 areas of abundance: Health, Wealth, Spiritual Growth, and Self Expression.  JJ Conway is dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve desired goals and improve their lives with education, ethics, and accountability. JJ offers financial, investment, and entrepreneurial education and provides access to thought leaders in the other areas of abundance.

Dec 28, 2019

Hey everyone, I hope you can understand the long hiatus. I'm not sure I'm ready yet to "get back into it" but I also know that my family sacrificed a LOT to help me get my ministry and business off the ground and it would dishonor both them, Dad's memory and the faith you've placed in me (especially those of you with paid classes) if I don't push past my discomfort and ate least TRY to re-start my podcast, newsletter, and classes.  So we'll start back up after New Years.  I'm going to be offline til 2 Jan, spending much needed down time with my husband and boys.


This note is just to reassure you I haven't forgotten:

- the 25% refund checks for those who completed the Think and Grow Rich Persistence Challenge

- the checks for those who signed up for the cancelled $500 challenge course (I have one more to send out- and she's international so I have to figure that out). 

- the Countdown to Your Best Year Ever class, which has been updated and will start 4 Jan. It's free so go ahead and sign up here:​

Thanks for your love and support during this time of grief.  My dad was one of my biggest supporters and I miss him dearly.